Thursday Link Love: The Well Appointed Desk

You know how sometimes you just click on links from favorite blogs just because you like the name and are curious?  Well that’s how I stumbled up The Well Appointed Desk.  If you have ever been to my house, you will know that my desk is far from tidy – stacks of papers, file folders, tchotchkies, pens, terrariums (yes, more than one), electronics, pictures, and who knows what else.  The whole idea of a “well appointed desk” conjured up a vision of a clean desk with matching desk accessories that all were stylish and high quality – basically a dream!  What I found was a fabulous resource for pens and inks.

HRKB Gourd - Ink on PaperI am a pen and ink artist – I draw with a dip pen and ink and I paint with ink.  I have alot of ink in my studio – some homemade, most in bottles;  some cheap ink from Dick Blick, some fountain pen ink (which tends to be thinner and transparent), but mostly Sennelier (contains a lot of shellac).  I love ink.  I also love dip pens and fountain pens.  I have been using a Schaeffer fountain pen that I found at Goodwill since my daughter was in 4th grade.  She attends a French immersion school and in 4th grade they start writing with fountain pens.  We bought a few “school” stylo plume for her in France to use at home, but I never thought of purchasing a better quality pen for myself.  Until I started following The Well Appointed Desk.

Since reading Ana’s blog, I realized that a quality pen with the right ink was worth the money.  It’s funny, because I know that from an art standpoint so I’m not sure why I couldn’t carry that over to an everyday tool like a writing instrument.  Every week I watched as she reviewed pens, paper and ink (I drooled over some of the awesome colors from brands I’d never heard of).  Then, on a whim, on our last trip to Montreal, I took the leap.  Actually, my husband took the leap for me – he bought me a Monteverde Invincia pen and I have to say that I am head-over-heels in love (with both him and the pen).

Now, to find the right ink…

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