The Tuesday Post: 20 Ideas of what to write on the back of a postcard

Does this sound familiar:

You are out looking for postcards and you stumble up on the PERFECT postcard for a someone you like [friend, family member, penpal, you get the picture].  You buy it, bring it home and lay it on your desk.  In your mind, it’s obvious who it is for – the picture on the front will make the recipient smile.  And yet, it is still laying on your desk.  Fast forward a few days.  The postcard is still laying on your desk, now with a pile of papers and ephemera on it.  You move it to the top of the pile, because you know what to do with it.  And yet it is still sitting on your desk.  Not because you don’t know the address – so you write it on the card, hoping that will inspire what comes next… the greeting.  But, you still don’t know what to say, so it goes back into the pile.

Well, Postcrossing to the rescue!  They put together this handy list of ideas to inspire you.  No more excuses.  Just write it and send it!  That’s the good thing about postcards, you only have to write a few lines – it’s not a 1,000 word essay 🙂

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