NPCW 2013 (aka National Postcard Week)

National Postcard Week was started 30 years ago to celebrate deltiology. Individuals and clubs participate, each creating their own unique postcard. **Soon there will be a website with images of the 3000+ postcards that have been collected over the years. There is a gallery of past postcards here at Barr’s Postcard News, but it appears to be for subscribers only.

It’s time to start making your cards and get signed up for National Postcard Week. I pasted her instructions below. There are two ways to join – either email Demaris (address below) or you can sign up though Swap Bot ( – skip past the break to see instructions ↓

I signed up and have 100 cards printed and ready to send. Want to trade? Leave me a comment below that you are interested and make sure Demaris adds your address to the database.

If you are looking for an online printer to print your cards, I recommend Overnight Prints ( or you can find more links and info here:


NOW!!! Is the time to begin planning your postcard for National Postcard Week, May 5-11, 2013.

2013 will be the Thirtieth year celebration of our holiday. Promote your holiday! Let people know you collect postcards.

National Postcard Week was the brain child of: John H. McClintock; DeeDee Parker; Roy Cox and Richard Novick and others. It began in 1984 as a way to promote our hobby. In the early years most of the postcards were made by the many clubs around the country and few individuals. Today, most are made by individuals and clubs.

What you need to know to get started: Pick a design! Any design! Do you like animals, vegetables or people? Maybe your favorite is something else!!!!! Whatever your favorite is take a photo, draw a picture, use stickers, lettering or rubber stamps to design your NPCW postcard. Many people use postcard programs on their computer to design a postcard. Others make them by hand. If you would like someone else to design your postcard, Rick Geary is the best. His address is: PO Box 869, Carrizozo NM 88301 or you can email him at

Here are some guidelines courtesy of The Tucson Post Card Exchange Club

1. National Post Card Week and the date May 5-11, 2013 must be on the postcard, preferably on the front. 2013 is the 30th NPCW.
2. Your name or the club and mailing address should be on the pc, preferably on the front. but can be on the back.
3. Minimum size 3-1/2×5-1/2 inches –This is postal regulations
4. Maximum 4-1/4×6 inches anything over is first class letter postage.
5. Minimum thickness is 90# card stock unless having printed by a printing company. 110 lb card stock can be used in most home printers.
6. All postcards printed should be of the same design. You can design more than one.
7. A minimum of 100 copies is recommended to give other traders a chance to receive a copy.
8. To give card an extra worth, numbering them is an excellent idea. /100 on the back is okay.
9. Be sure to sign your name somewhere. A first name is okay, especially if it is odd like mine.:) 10. Postcards should be mailed during NPCW week, especially those that are stamped. But if using an envelope, you can mail early.
11. Printing your NPCW postcard can be as easy as using your home computer or a printing company. Check your local yellow pages for printers in your area. There are many online printing companies. I can recommend a few if you are interested. If you are interested in trading with many people, please send your name and address to If you are online or drop me a note at the address below.

You should send your postcard or postcards to: Demaris Swint PO Box 746 Alamo, TX 78516

Email: for more information

For inclusion in the printed year book of National Postcard Week postcards with addresses of those who will trade with you. I will not be printing the directory until July to allow for those who are late making their cards.

You should also send your postcard/postcards to: Barr’s Post Card News National Postcard Week PO Box 720 Vinton IA 52349-0720

If you use rubber stamping in your design please submit your postcard to RSM Postcard Week PO Box 610 Corvallis OR 97339 or Http://

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