Movie Review – French Postcards

French Postcards

French Postcards
Directed by Willaard Huyck
available on Amazon Prime

A group of American students embark on a year in Paris to learn French. The story focuses around 3 students and their ways of experiencing being an exchange student.

Joel (Miles Chapin) is a student who falls in love with his teacher (Blanche Baker) and really is not in Paris to learn French. Alex (David Marshall Grant) is in Paris to learn as much as he can and he falls in love with Toni, a French girl (Valerie Quennessen) who works at a bookstore. Laura (Blanche Baker) wants to experience everything France has to offer and is frustrated with her roomate, Melanie (Debra Winger), just wants to have fun. Laura continually writes postcards home to share all of the “exciting” things that she is seeing.

French Postcards is definitely dated. There are no cellphones, iPads, emails, skype, texts or earbuds that would change the exchange student experience dramatically. Having to call your mom on a pay phone that is rigged so that you don’t have to pay for long distance calls adds an element of innocent rebellion. Being forced to immerse yourself into the experience without being able to see your family or friends faces for a year adds to the will and lonliness. I don’t know if someone who was born post 1970’s would appreciate the nuances of the story, or if it would just seem lame, but I enjoyed the uncomfortable trip down memoroy lane.

IMDB gave it a 6.0 out of 10. I agree, although perhaps just a tad higher.

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