Movie Review – The Extraordinary Tale

The Extraordinary Tale

The Extraordinary Tale
Directed by Laura Alvea and Jose F. Ortuño
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The story of a girl that lives by herself who types letters to strangers that never reply. After 1,212 letters (one every day), she finally gets a reply from a boy who is living a similarly isolated life. They type letters back and forth to each other until one day the boy gets brave enough to ask to meet her in person. They meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after.

Even though the premise of the movie simple, the movie is anything but. First of all the cinematography is beautiful. The set colors are trendy – both surreal and bohemian. The costumes are French bohemian, DIY chic. In the 1980s every twenty-something wanted to live in an old brick warehouse, but every 2010’s twenty-something would want to live in this apartment.

The story is quirky, funny and cute. It is easy to connect and sympathise with “She” and “He”. The story arc goes through every emotion flawlessly and takes the viewer along for the ride. She is content living on her own writing letters, although lonely. Then She is happy to have a new friend, although anxious and nervous. He makes her extremely happy, and then they fall in love. Then He gets a job and she gets pregnant. I will stop there so I don’t give away any spoilers. What I will say, is that you will not be able to predict the story. It is new and fresh. Even the ending is not what you expect.

I loved the characters. I cringed when she cringed, I wanted to comfort her when she was scared, and I wanted to give her a break when she was overwhelmed.

IMDB gave it a 6.1 out of 10, but but I give it 9.

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