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Usually on Mondays I post something about my own business.  Today, I am shaking things up a bit and posting about my favorites on etsy.  I figure, it is National Postcard Week – a time to celebrate our hobby.  This means not only sending postcards but also supporting people who sell postcards.

Do you shop on etsy to find postcards to send on postcrossing and swap-bot or to your frineds and penpals?  There are so many unique and wonderful postcards to choose from, like these from some of my favorite sellers:

  • MissiveMaven
  • RowesAndColumns 
  • GooseberryDesigns
  • MissHoneyBird
  • PhotographyDream
  • Aluminumbunny
  • SophieGoldsworthy
  • sandragrafik
  • JustLikePictures 
  • anthropomorphica 
  • franticmeerkat 
  • PrettyFrenchThings 
  • CastleOnTheHill 
  • DeadFeminists 
  • ilonaart 
  • aejiou 
  • Caracarmina 
  • greenbananacards 
  • thelittlefox 
  • ohgeezdesign 
  • gusosos 
  • and of course MaxAndCoPost

Do you have a favorite postcard seller on etsy?  Leave a link in the comments (postcards only please).

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