Happy St. Nick’s Day


And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care…

Every year I have stuffed the stockings hung on the fireplace on Dec. 6th. We have a few family traditions since is so much celebrating going on in December at our house that are a variation on the traditions of Germany.  Advent calendars means 24 daily treats, Chanukkah is eight nights of treats, then Christmas, oy vey! – December is one gift after another over here.  So, to bring us back to the spirit of the season, I fill the stockings with small things (that are not on a wishlist, but are hand picked for each recipient) – toothbrushes, oranges (represent a lump of gold), chocolate (usually gold coins), desk calendars, fancy socks and one small treat or the little one.

It’s simple, not a lot of stress, and very much in the spirit of giving, health, and good luck for the upcoming year.


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