Deltiology 101: Tips for determining when a postcard was published

old postcard backs
I know I must’ve brought this subject up before, but I found another website that gives great information on the history of postcards – and thus information on how to date postcards.The Center of Southwest Studies at Fort Lewis College has put together a page with not only photos and the general history of postcards (like Undivided backs were used from 1901-07), but also a table by postage rate (the postcard postage rate increased to 3¢ on Aug. 1, 1958 the to 4¢ on Jan. 7, 1963); publisher’s numbering scheme (Curtis Teich cards); and other hints (postcard size, clues in the photos, etc.); postal codes (5 digit zip codes began July 1963); and more.Knowing how hard it is to date postcards and stamps, and being a collector that sorts a fair portion of my collection chronologically, I try to always write the date on the postcards I mail.  You will notice that the postmark often isn’t clear, especially the newer postmarks.

Do you date your postcards?

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