Book Review: Postcards of Lost Royals

Postcards of Lost Royals is essentially a small coffee table book (6 1/4″ x 4 3/4″).  Each page contains a photo of a postcard of a “lost royal” and the opposite page a thumbnail of the back of the postcard and a short description of him/her.  Royals from around the globe are included in the book – from Great Britain to Germany to Russia to Egypt, India, Korea, China, Mexico, and more.


The postcards are beautifully photographed.  The descriptions are informative and entertaining.  In fact, they have persuaded me to learn more about so many royals.  It was an interesting snippet of a history lesson – kind of like reading book backs in a bookstore.  The quality of the paper and binding is superb.  I highly recommend it for any collector of royal memorabilia.

Watch for a blog post here tomorrow about King Edward VIII, one of the Lost Royals!  BTW, I purchased the book at The Postcard Place.

Title:             Postcards of Lost Royals
Author:        Bodleian Library (editor)
Date:             2009
Pages:           112 pages
ISBN:            1851243321
Difficulty:   1-Hour*

*I am not a quick reader, and I do have a life that steals my attention away from books, postcards, and mail in general.  Also, I get bored easily so if the story is not intriguing it will take me longer to read it. Use that as the gauge.


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