Wizarding World of Harry Potter Postcards, with Hogsmeade / Owl Postmark

I just returned from Orlando, Florida where I spent some time at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As you have probably heard already, you can get a “special postmark” stamped on postcards that says “Hogsmeade Owl Post”. I wanted to clarify a few things for you about the details of said “postmark”.  (read below for my recommendations)

  1. You can get any postcard (or envelope) stamped with the Hogsmeade “postmark”. You do not have to purchase the postcard there. My suggestion is to bring Harry Potter postcards that you purchased elsewhere (see #2).  I even had touristy Florida postcards “postmarked”.
  2. They only sell 3-4 varieties of Harry Potter postcards at Universal Studios. All of them are scenes of the Universal Theme Park, either artist depicted or photograph. There are no cards that have characters on them (with the exception of the one pictured above with the back view of the owl).
  3. The “postmark” is a stamp, therefore the ink has to dry or it will smudge, especially on coated postcards. Be patient. Don’t let your postcards get wet if you go on any of the water rides or you get caught in the rain.
  4. This is not an official postmark, so it will not go over the stamp. It will however be placed in the writing area of the postcard. My suggestion is to have your postcard “postmarked” before you write your message on it, so that it doesn’t go over the description text of the card.
  5. You do not have to go into the store to get your cards “postmarked”. There is a podium under the shelter of the Owlery. Just walk up and ask to have your cards “postmarked” (see #8).
  6. You do not have to go into the store to purchase postcards. There is a cart (also under the shelter of the Owlery) that sells the same selection of postcards that can be purchased in the store (see #8).
  7. The postcards that you may find at any souvenir shop on either Universal Studios property (Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios Florida) are the same that you will find at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – and you CAN get them “postmarked” (see #1)
  8. Unless you have ALOT of time to kill, or you love being a sardine, do not go into the shops in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The shops are so small that people can barely 2 wide (imagine 1 person looking at an item and another must squeeeezzzze to pass). Also, there was no space set aside for people purchasing items – so there is a HUGE bottleneck near any cash register.  Almost all of the same souvenirs can be purchased at the large souvenir shop by the main gate. Honeydukes & Zonkos are a different story – go into those. The other shops are claustophobic, and often have a line waiting to get in (fire code). If you just want postcards, there is nothing special about going in, so buy them elsewhere.
  9. The stamps that they sell at Wizarding World of Harry Potter are very expensive.  $15 for 10 – 45¢ stamps (not forever) – that is $1.50 per stamp.  A postcard stamp is only 32¢ for the USA.  If you are sending to Canada (postage is 85¢), you would have to put 2 stamps on your postcard.  If you are sending anywhere else (postage is $1.05), you need 3 stamps – yes, that is $4.50 in postage to send a postcard to Europe with Harry Potter stamps.  Yes, they have Harry Potter logos on them, but they are the same stamps that you can buy here with your own photo on them.  Important maybe to a serious Harry Potter collector, but not to a serious stamp collector.
  10. There is an official USPS mailbox in the Owlery (I think, ask the person stamping the “postmark”).  You will get the same Orlando USPS official postmark as you would by mailing it through anyother mailbox in Florida.  There is nothing special about mailing your postcard at Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
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  1. Raquel says:

    My little sister didn’t know about stamps and she sent a postcard (at the WWHP) without one, just with the hogsmeade stamp, and it delivered.. to Mexico!!! That was pretty magical haha

  2. Kathy Church says:

    thanks so much for this information! I’m a Postcrosser about to visit Universal Studios and want to offer postcards for swap. People will love the unofficial postmark 🙂

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