Wednesday Whimsies: Mail Themed Switch Plates

Way back in my college years I “decoupaged” light switch plates with magazine pictures for Christmas presents. I carefully selected the pictures based on the intended recipients tastes and decor. Not many survived through all the moves, marriages, divorces and renovating, but my Mom saved one (which I commandeered for my studio).

I decided this year to re-visit the idea, but use some of the damaged postcards that I have hoarded stashed. And the I got the idea to use postage stamps.

Here’s a little tutorial for this incredibly easy and inexpensive craft.

Things you need:

  • blank switch plate
  • Mod Podge (I like the Gloss version)
  • cheap sponge paintbrush
  • postcard (or postage stamps)
  • binder clips
  • scissors
  • x-acto knife
  • washi tape if you want a border around the edges


1) {for postcard} Lay the switch plate on the postcard to decide where you want the light switch to be. Gently bend the postcard around the corners so that you will see the layout. With a pencil, mark the corners in the back. Gently wet the postcard – do not soak it. This will make it more supple when you glue it down.

{for stamp} If you are using stamps, lay out the stamps on the front of the switch plate so that you know the order, then move them off the switch plate in the same order.

2) Brush a coat of Mod Podge over the switch plate and apply postcard or stamps. Let dry.

3) {for postcard} Turn switch plate over and Mod Podge the edge around the switch plate. Use ample Mod Podge (make sure it’s going to really stick). Use binder clips to hold in place. Let dry.

4) Cut an X in the half for the light switch – i.e. a diagonal line connecting upper right to lower let corner, and another connecting upper left to lower right. Apply ample Mod Podge and gently bend those thriangles around back of switch plate. Let dry.

5) The postcard or stamps should now be securely fastened to the switch plate. Brush a coat of Mod Podge over the front of the switch plate to seal it. Let half dry, then take a clean dry brush and gently brush at a 90 degree angle to your previous brush strokes to create a woven pattern. Let dry overnight.

6) Gently use the switch plate screws to “drill” the holes through the switch plate holes before hanging. Go slow so the paper doesn’t accidentally rip.

7) Hang your switch plate and enjoy your new decor!



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