Thursday Link Love: The Postcard Place, Vancouver, B.C.


The Postcard Place Granville Island Vancouver BC

A few weeks ago I went to Granville Island for the first time.  It’s in Vancouver, B.C., a mere 2 1/2 hour drive from Seattle.  I’ve been to Vancouver many times, including shopping on Granville St., but somehow Granville Island just never landed on my radar – which is funny since it is an artist community and you would think someone who has had an etsy shop for almost 10 years would’ve sought out this haven of handmade on one of the last dozen or so trips up north.

The Postcard Place Granville Island Vancouver BC

The absolute highlight of Granville Island was going to The Postcard Place and meeting Stella, the owner.  Stella has owned the small postcard store for almost 30 years.  We shared stories about selling postcards, different publishers, and working retail as well as selling online.  It was pleasant to converse with a kindred spirit about business with none of the competition that often comes with other sellers.  It was just two friends supporting each other and sharing ideas.  I felt as though we were partners in crime trying to get a “movement” off the ground – a “send more postcards” movement!

Stella sells a wide range of new postcards from popular publishers – black & white photos to art postcards to vintage reproductions.  She also sells mail related books, magnets, and other novelty items.

The Postcard Place
1666 Johnston St.
Vancouver, BC  V6H 3S2

P.S.  As a bonus, if you are looking for a wonderful fountain pen & ink or sealing wax & a seal to write your postcards and letters, check out Paper Ya right around the corner in the same building.


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