Thursday Link Love: The iPenBox

Now here’s a subscription I could get behind – the iPenBox.  Every box has a fountain pen, paper / journal, ink sample(s), plus other fun products (like other types of pens)!  Can you imagine what my pen drawer would become?  I already have a problem with pens – I take a box of pens wherever I go, just so that I will have the “right” pen for whatever the situation requires.  I have a spice rack full of ink bottles.  And don’t even get me started on my collection of nibs.  Ok, maybe when you’re a hoarder, a monthly subscription like this is not healthy…

The Tuesday Post: Pictorial Postmarks

carried by sled dog postmark

I just want to put this calendar from out there for anyone who is interested in pictorial postmarks from the USA.  This list is kept up-to-date for all of the special postmarks currently available in the USA.  In fact the website has a plethora of information about postage stamps and postmarks.  I’m thinking I might try to to find a postcard of a dog sled, add this stamp and then send away for the “carried by sled dog” postmark – wouldn’t that make a nice Lunar New Year gift?

Happy National Thank a Mail Carrier Day!


Put a thank you note out for your mail carrier today – just to let them know that they are awesome for bringing you mail that makes you smile.  I don’t know about you, but I know my mail carrier by name – in fact we send each other postcards on vacation 🙂  I know there are other mail carriers that follow my blog and social media sites (and are valued customers in my shop).  To all of you I tip my hat and say thanks. Without you my life would be unbearably drab!