Happy Poisson d’ Avril

“Devinez qui vous l’envoie” = Guess who sent it to you

Approximately five years ago, while shopping at a “Marché aux Vieux Papiers” (antique paper market) in Paris, France, I purchased a postcard which I found quite amusing. It was a hand-tinted photo card of a gentleman holding a large fish and in the corner it said 1er Avril [April 1st]. There was a goofy feel to the pose, which is what caught my eye. Continue reading →

Sunday School: Letter Writing Box

I don’t know about you, but I have accumulated a ton of letter and postcard writing “things” over the years – things like washi tape, stickers, specialty pens, airmail labels, vintage postage stamps, rubber stamps – you know, all those things that you “need” to have to write letters and postcards.  I have found my desk getting more and more cluttered with these little things, not to mention they are never in the right place at the right time.

Recently, I found this post from shannoneileen and decided to make myself a portable writing “desk”.  It isn’t an original idea.  Letter writing “desks” have been around for over a century ( if you keep a close eye on “The Crown” and “Downton Abbey” you will see the main characters opening their fancy wooden boxes like these when the sit down to write correspondence.

Antique Letter Writing Desk

I just so happened to have a wooden wine case that seemed to be the right size.  My husband cut me a piece of PVC pipe to hold my washi tape, and through many tries I was able to fit in several boxes to hold the various accoutrements (a tribute to my tetris days).  I now have a travelling case so I can write postcards at the dining room table, coffee shop, or meetup.

Happy Birthday Mr. Lincoln!

35458401700_29e1af9dea_bWhen Abraham Lincoln was upset with someone, he would write a “hot letter” and put it aside, unsigned.  He would pour out his anger into the letter – but not send it.  By acknowledging his anger on paper, he was able to then step back and process the situation.  It also helped that the tools to write a letter were not always at his finger tips (a pen, ink and paper or a secretary).  Today, with social media always at our finger tips, we are far to quick to practice the same exercise via the keyboard, but are far too hasty in posting our thoughts.  I think the world would be a better place if we all just took a pause before clicking send.  Happy Birthday Mr. Lincoln!

“Signed, Sealed, Delivered”

Anyone else a huge fan of “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” – or as they are known to the fandom, #The POstables ?  Tonight is the night that we get a new “episode”!

If you don’t know about the show, it is about a group of four employees at the Denver post office dead letter division, that track down the recipients of undeliverable mail.

I’m popping the popcorn and getting out the Yoohoo!