Movie Review – Wallis Simpson: The Secret Letters

Wallis Simpson

Wallis Simpson: The Secret Letters
Directed by David Barrie
available on Amazon Prime

Recently a box of letters written by Wallis Simpson was found, shedding new light on her “love affair” and romantic marriage to King Edward VIII.

Everyone can picture the classic black and white photos of Wallis and Bertie (King Edward VIII of England) – the epitome of romantic love – the king that renounced the throne for the American divorcee that he loved. The letters that Wallis wrote and saved however paitn a very different picture. The picture of a socialite that wanted fame and noteriety, but trapped herself in a corner when she pushed it too far. The fear and longing she felt when she was forced to divorce her beloved husband and move to isolation to placate the crown.

This is an interesting documentary about letters and how they document history – albeit perhaps one sided. The fascination comes when that one-side negates the history that we have been taught by the media. Samuel West does a very good job narrating the story and adding insight to tie the thoughts from the letters together with actual events.

IMDB gave it an 7.3 out of 10. I am leaning more toward a 8.

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