Movie Review – Three Husbands

Three Husbands

Three Husbands
Directed by Irving Reis
available onĀ Amazon Prime

Just before playboy Max Bard (Emyln Williams) passes away, he writes a letter to each of three friends implying that he has had an affair with each of their wives. The letters are hidden from each friend, so neither knows that the others received the same letter. What ensues is a series of flashbacks by the husbands, wondering when they “knew” the affairs started. Each of the wives adored Max and spent time with him away from their husbands, so each situation is conceivable.

Max is your typical 1950’s playboy. He’s a spiffy dresser, loves cocktails, poker, and shows… and he knows how to treat a lady. The three husbands seem to be oblivious to Max’s charms. Filmed in black and white, the movie has a certain cringe quality of 1950’s thrillers although this is definitely not a “thriller”. The suspense is there, but not the horror. It is billed as a comedy, but I didn’t find it that humorous.

I found the script fresh and not obviously predictable. It was well played and staged. And short – 78 min.
IMDB gave it an 6.0 out of 10 and I agree.

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