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The Love Letter

The Love Letter
Director Gary Wheeler
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The Love Letter is a story about Parker, an adivse collumnist, whose best friend Aaron is getting married to Jasmine who can’t cook and is a little pushy. Clearly Parker is in love with Aaron and nobody likes Jasmine. So, everyone is trying to break up Aaron and Jasmine, except Parker who’s trying to be a good friend.

If this sounds like a shallow story, it is. There is no depth and it is very predictible. The acting is shallow, except for Tequilla Whitfield as Kadee, Parker’s girlfriend and Terrill Patterson as Luke, Aaron’s friend. Keisha Knight Pulliam and Romeo Miller as Parker and Aaron are not believable and they don’t have a lot of chemistry. Marques Houston as Wesley (Parker’s new boyfriend) and Jackée Harry as Parker’s mom are forced – they pop in and out without making a lasting impression. Don’t get me wrong, the casting was great – Jackée can play the wacky annoying mother well, but between the script and costuming, she doesn’t get a chance to shine

When Jasmine walks in, shuts the door (not silently), with her high heels on the wood floor – and Aaron who is standing 20 feet away doesn’t hear her as he announces to Luke that he “may be in love with Parker”, you have to scratch your head. Also, every time Parker writes in her journal, a device used to show time passing, she is wearing the same outfit. Not only that, there is a HUGE unexpected time gap about 80 minutes into the movie. That pretty much sums up the problems with the movie.

Honestly, the premise of the plot is not even new or novel. Parker writes an advice collumn in which she supposedly answers peoples love letters. The first letter is a letter she wrote under a nom de plume about a girl whose best friend is getting married. Then we go back and forth between Parker, then Aaron, then Parker, then Aaron… realize they love each other. Guess who ends up with whom in the end?

In a nutshell, this movie got a 5.5 out of 10 on IMDB, but I would give it a 3.

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