Movie Review – Dear Sidewalk

Dear Sidewalk

Dear Sidewalk
Directed by Jake Oelman
available on Amazon Prime

Dear Sidewalk is the story of a 24 year old mail carrier, Gardener (Joseph Mazzello), who has a routine – he always arrives at work at the same time, eats the same lunch in the same place, and know precisely how many steps are in between each mailbox. Enter Paige (Michelle Forbes), a divorced artist who moves on to his route and sirupts everything.

This quirky, low budget film, captures a segment of real life that I don’t often think about. What is it like to be a mail carrier. The monotony of walking the same route, going to each house in order, never talking to the residents but seeing their mail. What happens when someone says Hi? What happens if you don’t follow the routine – how does it effect the rest of the day? Joseph Mazzello played Gardener with finesse – the comfort he felt in his routine, the fear of someone disrupting that, and the anxiety of making the first move. Michelle Forbes was the perfect care-free Paige showing both her confidence when toying with Gardener and insecurities when surrounded by those that knew her past.

Not quite a chick-flick, but pretty close. It is a story about finding love, finding yourself, and finding security. It may feel slow at times, but they move along quickly. The story is not predictible which is refreshing and the characters are relatable. It was filmed in Austin, TX, but could be any small neighborhood in the USA.
IMDB gave it an 7.3 out of 10. I am leaning more toward a 8.

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