Movie Review – Dear God

Dear GodDear God
directed by Garry Marshall

Tom Turner (Greg Kinnear) is a hustler who is assigned to work service as punishment for his crimes.  He is assigned to the Dead Letter Office at the post office.  He finds a room full of other potentially forgotten misfits (Laurie Metcalf, Tim Conway, Roscoe Lee Browne, etc.) that “just need a job”, but don’t actually work.  They sort the “dead letters” but nothing ever comes from them.  Until Turner discovers a letter written to God asking for money, and through a grand mishap, accidentally sends money to the recipient.  His coworkers catch wind of the good deed and decide they wanted to join in the fun.

The comedy is silly and knee-slapping.  The story, although a little clumsy is heartfelt.  The setting at the post office makes you want to get a job there, just to see all those letters.  And how fun would it be to open letters to God and trying to fulfill wishes?

IMDB gave it a 5.3 out of 10.  I’ll give it a 6, just because I really want to work in the DLO.

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