Movie Reivew – Charade


Directed by Stanley Donen
available on Hoopla

A wealthy French widow, Regina (Audrey Hepburn) is asked by CIA agent Hamilton Bartholomew (Walter Matthau) to find the fortune that her late husband disappeared with. Although his body was found, the $250,000 was not. When she returns to Paris to find her apartment completely empty – even her clothes in the closet were gone – she is forced to trust a stranger, Peter Joshua (Cary Grant) who seems to know shomething. In the process of learning that her deceased husband led a criminal life that he hid from her, she meets the thugs (James Colburn, George Kennedy and Ned Glass) that are also after the money.

Charade is a mystery and old-school crime thriller. Just when you think you know the plot – that it is predictible – it takes another turn. Just as you accept that it is unpredictible, it becomes predictible. It is a web of deception and lies, confusing the veiwer along with Regina. Ultimately it ends as you would expect, but the ride along the way keeps it exciting.

I won’t mention the connection to the mail, because that is part of the fun. Watch the movie, take pity on Regina as she gets tossed around and tries to maintain some form of decorum. Love, hate, love, hate… Cary Grant just because you can. And no that at the end of the movie you will be able to about your day without the anxiety that a contemproary crime would inflict.

IMDB gave it an 8 out of 10 – and for once I agree!

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