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Love is in the air at our house.  I am going on a trip soon to one of my favorite cities in the world.  I couldn’t be more excited – in fact it is that “shiny object” that keeps me from getting anything done.

I just created this set of postcards from some of my favorite things:

  1. Hugs and Kisses.  Who doesn’t like hugs and kisses from those that you love?  Especially from a child.  Especially first thing in the morning when they are a little bit groggy…  Love that moment!
  2. Roses.  I am a botanist and flowers thrill me, whether they are from a friend or family member.  Flowers from my husband are extra special, because he rarely buys them – perhaps because I am so critical.  After working in a flower shop for 2 years, I definitely have a few varieties that I hate as cut flowers – like the ones that make the water in the vase smell like cat pee, or the lilies that are so strong they give me a headache.  But I digress.  Flowers in general put a smile on my face.
  3. The beach.  I love the beach.  Especially the beach on Siesta Key outside of Sarasota, Florida.  I will always take beach over snow.  I like hunting for shells, the sand between my toes, and being warm.  I also like the solitude of walking on the beach just as the sun is rising (while my family is still asleep).
  4. Birds.  I love almost all birds.  I can watch them for hours.  I especially love birds like parrots.  Their personalities crack me up. These lorikeets live at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida.  I have to say, I also like little bird kisses.  I used to have lovebirds.  Their beaks are strong and sharp – they can easily pierce skin, and they can hold up their own body plus some by holding on with their beak.  Case in point when one gets scared and bites you finger – you can’t pull them off, you have to pinch their beak to release the grasp.  HOWEVER, their kisses are so gentle.  It’s amazing.
  5. Love Letters.  Especially this letter.  I found it at an estate sale in a box of ephemera.  You can just feel the excitement of the sender, waiting for the recipient to come visit.

“You told me in your last letter that you had something nice to tell me when you will see me, tell me in your next letter, I am very eager to know. I know what I would do with you when I would meet you, give you a nice French kiss. Do you know how to do it, tell me next time. ‘Eich Annylaed’ is Welch for ‘your loving’ and P.T.O. means Please Turn Over they put it at the end of a page like this.”

I don’t know what the rest of the letter said, this was the only piece in the box.  I don’t know who it was addressed to or who from.  I wonder if they ever got their “French Kiss”…

This set of postcards is available in the Max & Co Post etsy shop for $3.99.

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