Max & Co Post: Back to the salt mines…

Hay Wagon, Eastern Washington; Chaueffers, Bad Nauheim, Germany, 1940’s; Draft Horses, Geisenfeld, Germany, 1930’s, Steam Room, USA, Stamford Candy Kitchen, Stamford, Texas, 1920’s

That’s what my dad always said on a Monday morning, “Back to the salt mines.”  I have no idea where he got the saying.  I have only been to one  salt mine.  It is Wielczka in Poland.  Fascinating.  They built an entire city underground, carved into salt.  There are sculptures (including some little dwarves) and a whole cathedral…  But I digress.

Today I celebrate all the people that do the jobs that we don’t think about on a daily basis – like the machinist, the driver, the candy-maker, the farmhand, and the stableman. 

This set of 5 Men Working Postcards is available in the Max & Co Post etsy shop.

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