Informed Delivery by USPS

Have you signed up for Informed Delivery by USPS? It's a new service that allows you to see the mail that will be arriving in your mailbox that day. An automated system scans letter sized mail (and postcards) and adds them to your dashboard online and/or sends you an email with the scans. I am assuming this is the same system that sorts the mail. Right now it is only available in a few areas – I am fortunate that Seattle was one of those.

It works great. Every morning I receive an email with a gray scale scan (the postcard in the image is cardboard so that is why it is dark – white envelopes will appear white). If I do not receive a piece of mail. I simply click a button to mark it not received. I'm still not clear what is done with that information, but I am hoping that my postcards will not pile up for weeks anymore (long story, but in 2014 all of my Christmas swap postcards were “held” for 3 weeks and then all delivered together after I called the post office several times – it was abou 40 postcards!)

I can see several benefits –

  • accountability for mail carriers
  • hopefully an aide in preventing identity theft (you can notify the sender right away if the letter wasn't delivered)
  • and for some households, avoid lost mail (like when someone else picks up the mail and forgets to put it on your desk…)

I'm curious if you have tried it and what your thoughts are about it. Let me know in the comments!

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