Friday Philosophy: Do you know Kipling?


Perhaps Donald McGill’s most famous postcard – it holds the World Record for the most selling copies of a postcard (6 million) according to the 1978 Guinness Book of World Record.  The Quote Investigator discovered that the origins of the quote date back to a poem titled “Lapsus Calami”  by James Kenneth Stephen in 1891:

When the Rudyards cease from Kipling
And the Haggards ride no more.

A few more citations and a few years later, Donald McGill came up with his famous pun and cartoon.  R.I.P. Mr. McGill and know that you are still making people giggle!


FYI – from my copy of the 2001 Oxford American Dictionary:

kip informal >n. Brit. a sleep; anap: I might have a little kip | he was trying to get some kip.
■ chiefly Scottish a bed.
v.  (kippled, kipping) [no obj., with adverbial] Brit. sleep: they kipped down for the night.
– ORIGIN mid 18th cennt. (in the sense ‘brohter’): perhaps related to Danish kippe ‘hovel, tavern.’

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