Deltiology 101: King Edward VII on postcards

King Edward VIII Coronation postcard MaxAndCoPostKing Edward VIII was only King for 325 days.  He abdicated his throne on Dec. 10, 1936 “of his own accord”.   You may remember that King Edward was in love with the American Wallace Simpson (who wasn’t quite divorced yet).  In 1936 the affair was a huge scandal.  King Edward was made out to be a madman and an alcoholic to save the royal family of the scandal of the relationship – how that is better than a man true to his heart, I don’t know. 

In 2012, letters were discovered proving that King Edward VIII was neither drunk or crazy.  A letter from his nemesis, Archbishop Cosmo Gordon Lang, in his own handwriting to Prime Minister Baldwin dated Nov. 25, 1936:

He must leave as soon as possible.It would be out of the question that he should remain .  .  . any announcement that is to be made of the kind you indicate to me, it should be made as soon as possible and the announcement should appear as a free act.

Pretty incriminating.  But, despite this, King Edward VIII became the Duke of Windsor and he was free to marry Ms. Simpson on June 3, 1937.  After WWII, the Duke and Duchess lived the remainder of their lives in France.

Now, how does this relate to postcards?  Since he was only King for less than a year – and left his throne on not-so-great terms – you can imagine that there is a finite number of postcards which were printed during his reign.   I found this one and am excited to add more to my collection.

BTW – I just posted a book review about a cute little book – Postcards of the Lost Royals – check it out!

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