Breaking News: I was on camera yesterday!

I was in the studio audience (and yes, you can see me too!  Oh, no that is not me in the photo – you will have to watch the video to see me.) for two awesome workshops – Etsy 101 and SEO for Etsy by Marlo Miyashiro at Creative Live.  I had so much fun and learned a ton, even though I’ve been selling on for 7 years.  With the ever changing environment of online selling, I viewed this as my mandatory continuing education hours.  Boy was it worth it (hopefully you will see the fruits of my labor as I get my maxandcopost etsy shop updated).

Here are some highlights of what I learned.

1)  There is a slide show of five photos on your “about page” (also called your “shop story”).  I don’t think I ever went to my “about page”, let alone considered putting photo there to tell you more about me and my business.  They are there now, including an elusive photo of me…  check it out here.

2)  Etsy changes the titles of all of your photos.  So, all the work that I’ve been putting in creating alt-text titles has been a waste of time.

3)  The shop title is keyword significant for all sorts of search engines.  I pretty much already had that covered (I think) with “collectible postcards for people who send postcards”.

4)  Insta Sales.  Yes, I never considered it and plan on implementing it once a week.  If you are not already following maxandcopost on Instagram, go do it now so you don’t miss my first sale!

5)  On the front page of etsy, right side bar near the bottom is a list of “more ways to shop”.  One way is to shop in person.  This is a link to all of the craft shows – you can add yours if you are selling or plan a retail therapy weekend if you are shopping!  I can’t imagine what this is going to do to our family vacations 😉

I highly recommend that you go to Creative Live to check out these two courses.  You will definitely get your money’s worth with the video courses, but Marlo has also included downloads of all of the course materials and worksheets as well as an ebook for each course (Etsy 101: Handmade Value ebook, and SEO for Etsy: Small Object Photography ebook).  In fact, while you are on Creative Live’s website, you can check out all of their craft courses – you will be amazed at how much you can learn!

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