Book Review: Kind Regards – The Lost Art of Letter Writing by Liz Williams

Kind Regards – The Lost Art of Letter Writing is exactly what I expected from the title.  Liz Williams does a wonderful job of balancing the mechanics of letter writing with examples.  It is as much a how-to book as a review of correspondence.  What the book lacks in depth it makes up for in convenience.  It is small and easy to read making it a great gift for a budding letter-writer – I can see it in a cute tote bag with some beautiful stationery, a nice pen and cute travel mug!

Subjects included in the book are letter writing basics (where to put the address on business letters, ideas how to sign off), postcards, Dear John letters, letters in literature, love letters, overview of the history of the mail system, and definitions.  It is not a juicy read for a rainy day – it is a quick reference for a beginning correspondent.


Title:              Kind Regards – The Lost Art of Letter Writing
Author:        Liz Williams
Date:             2012
Pages:           192 pages
ISBN:           1843177137
Difficulty:   2-Day*

*I am not a quick reader, and I do have a life that steals my attention away from books, postcards, and mail in general.  Use that as the gauge.

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