Welcome to my world. This is a world where hand-written greetings and wonderful images make people smile. This is a world where a small piece of paper is meant to be saved and possible cherished for a lifetime. This is a world of sets and categories, printing and cursive, fountain pens and typewriters, vintage stamps and collectible postmarks. This is a world of memories and sentimentality. Postcards are the original Facebook. And where facebook, instagram, twitter and snapchat are fleeting snippets of life, postcards are histories.

Here you will find postcards for sale, a blog about deltiology with all things postcard related, and links for trading postcards.


Happy Postcarding !


  1. Bobbi Mastrangelo says:

    Can you send me a page about your site like what is presented Above on this page?
    I would like to include it in the last Post Card Album going to the YorkTown NY Museum Archives. “the Title of the Album is:
    “Post Card Adventures of Bobbi Mastrangelo and Dedicated Deltiologists.”
    If yes, please also send me your Contact Information.

    • hkappes says:

      Hi Bobbi,
      I would be happy. Can you give me an idea about where this will be posted and how long it should be? That way I can customize it a little for you 🙂

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